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FSF gives cautious welcome to Uefa admission on policing of English fans abroad

Wednesday 27th June


UEFA has conceded English football fans travelling abroad have sometimes been "unfairly targeted" by foreign police forces still intent on punishing them for previous misdemeanours.
And the Football Supporters' Federation has given a cautious welcome to comments from Uefa Director of Communications William Gaillard, which suggest a willingness amongst European police forces to re-evaluate their handling of English supporters.
Responding to recent Home Office recommendations for a Europe-wide re-training initiative for police, stewards and stadium safety officers, Gaillard admitted:“I understand the feelings of English fans and it's true that sometimes they are probably unfairly targeted because of the past and because of lingering memories of what happened in the 1980s.
“It is also true that such patterns of behaviour of English fans abroad cause problems that are different from those problems caused by foreign fans-drinking, for example, is often absent in southern Europe.
“There, you have another type of violence, linked often to extremist political movements or racist groups, which are really serious problems.
“But some southern European police forces are just not used to fans that have been drinking a bit too much-it's a different way to celebrate, if you like.”
And Football Supporters' Federation spokesperson Kevin Miles hopes Gaillard's comments might add further impetus to a re-evaluation of the way English fans abroad are perceived and policed.
“It will be a welcome relief when the day finally comes when we can be sure English football fans are policed on the basis of their behaviour rather than their reputation”, Kevin Miles said.
“Recent examples of this happening, like the last World Cup in Germany, provide ample evidence that the English style of football supporting, where large numbers travel for one big party, can make a very positive contribution to the atmosphere at any match or tournament.”

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